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The New Web Site

Item launching ite's new web site.

this web site construct on the new Item content menegement system


Content Manager

CMS is an internet application for site manager as create and manage content dynamically, the application includes site setting update delete and create all the site content.

Today there is a lot of CMS applications in the market, item provides this CMS application as advance and easy to use for all of its costumers , improve and gives higher standard for all of the sites it's create.

The CMS application build as modular system to provide

  • Management content and HTML pages

  • Article management

  • Products management

  • Agent management

  • Questions and answer

  • Contact us

  • Search result

  • Shopping basket

  • Credit cards support

  • Management system

Item extend the system all the time, each client request examinee and include in the system.  

There is no limitation for design.

Those days we working on new module for display each content base on existent templates supplied by item ,this module reduce site development cost and provide to all of the costumers the ability of manage all the site design .

The CMS system easier the site management ,provide accessibility and centralization of the information.

The CMS system gives even for customers who are not internet developers to manage, design and control theirs site. 

the system all the time ,each client request examinee and include in the system .
extendCostumer who wants to create new web site demand for design screens with one of item designers or but each design PSD on the internet market , this design combine with the CMS system .
the system all the time ,each client request examinee and include in the system .
the system all the time ,each client request examinee and include in the system .
flexibility of today's web sites by easy and common way.broadening and reduction capabilities depends on the costumer request , the main modules in the application is :gent management extend
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