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Item launching ite's new web site.

this web site construct on the new Item content menegement system


About Us

Item Software Solutions is an Israeli, Petach-Tikva based software development company.
We provide software solutions according to the specific needs of our clients, along with the
development of data based applications, Client-Server based applications, Internet and intranet
based applications. 
Item also produces promotional and sales websites, e-trade and commercial portals,
as well as providing project management and consulting solutions.

Primary Fields of Activity

- Database development: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, ACESS,
- Analysis and development of Client-Server systems.
- Software development technologies: Visual Basic and
- Conversion of information systems to Internet systems.
- Website and organization management, incorporating
  existing software.
- Improvement of management processes.
- Web-Services-principle based system development,
  allowing information export in XML-like formats.
- Infrastructure for WEB 2.0 site development, while
  maintaining the highest possible standards.
- Maintenance of existing websites.


Project management
One of the most complex tasks in the current development
environment is project management which encompasses
the achievement of defined goals.  A significant amount of
projects fail to realize this objective, therefore creating
.frustration and dissatisfaction amongst clients
Item invests a great deal of effort in the seed, pre-development
phase, in order to set realistic, sustainable goals in accordance
with our clients' needs.  It is important  to clarify that this stage
is crucial to the success of the project and requires willingness
and responsiveness from the client, and from the developer
We frequently encounter clients whose projects have failed due
to a lack of professionalism, inability to correctly assess and
.execute within a time frame that is right for the client


,Item puts great effort into the definition of the project scope
the functional description of the system, and creating
computerized charting; all of which constitute only a part
of the whole process of analysis and characterization of
the information system – which includes the understanding
,that without accurate and comprehensive characterization
.the final goal is unattainable


,Upon completion of the analysis and characterization
including the characterization of the development process
itself, Item promptly constructs a "pilot" which enables quick
and easy location of potential problems which may arise
.during installation or implementation
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